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Easton Hockey Sticks & Blades

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Performance On The Iced: Easton® Hockey Sticks

With an Easton® hockey stick, you’ll be ready when the puck drops. Easton® sticks are fine-tuned for nothing but performance on the ice.

Select from senior, junior and intermediate Easton® hockey sticks, crafted from a variety of high-quality materials.

Hockey players of all skill levels can choose from a variety of shafts, blades, grips and other features for the stick that lives up to their game. Looking for more? Check out the entire collection of Easton® sports equipment.

Expert Advice

Get a game-changing shot with the help of Easton® hockey sticks. Think about these factors when selecting your Easton® stick:

First, consider the flex of your blade. The higher the flex, the more stiffness in the shaft. Beginners might start out with a stick with medium to light flex, while larger players take advantage of a stick with stiffer flex. Players who prefer a quicker shot might choose a lighter flex, while those using a slap shot should try a stiffer flex.

Always consider your blade’s “curve” or “blade angle” when purchasing your stick. Blades are defined as “left,” “right” or “straight.” You should play with a stick that has a blade angled so that the puck is on your forehand while shooting. A straighter curve is great for saucer passes and backhanders. Curved blades are ideal for wrist shots. Wingers often play with a curved blade, while centers generally opt for straighter blades.

Senior, junior and intermediate hockey sticks are based on the average size of a hockey player in a certain age group. Keep in mind that these average sizes may not apply to all players.

Easton® hockey sticks are crafted for unparalleled feel on the ice. Expect details like Tr0-Cell textured shafts with a grip coating for superior handling. Easton® Hypertune technology uses energy transfer to deliver maximum release and response for every player. Tuned shaft flex profiles store energy near the bottom hand for a higher kicking point on the ice.

Always consult product information for the specifics on your stick. For more, shop the entire collection of hockey sticks at DICK’S Sporting Goods.