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Reebok Hockey Equipment

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Equip For The Ice: Reebok® Hockey Gear

Step on the ice with gear built for the game. Reebok® hockey gear is crafted for nothing but performance in the rink.

Suit up for game day with the entire Reebok® hockey collection. From the right pair of precision-constructed skates, to sturdy sticks and responsive padding, Reebok® hockey gear might just be the difference-maker your game needs. Get ready for your season with all the essentials from the Reebok® hockey collection:

Expert Advice

Reebok® Hockey Skates are crafted with a blend of leather and synthetic material in the upper, a combination that delivers durability and performance. Always consider your blade radius when purchasing your Reebok® hockey skate. This is the length of skate blade that remains in contact with the ice during play. Blade radius for beginners is about 5 inches. Players who seek speed on the ice might opt for a radius of 3 to 4 inches.

Reebok® Hockey Sticks are available in a variety of lengths, lies and levels of stiffness. Sticks are crafted at senior, intermediate , junior and youth levels. Each Reebok® hockey stick is designed with a grip.

Reebok® Hockey Protective Gear is essential for the ice. Suit up ice hockey pants and gloves, innovative hockey helmets, shin guards and more.

  • Roller hockey players can prep for the rink with Reebok®. Stay protected in play with roller hockey shirts, roller girdles and hockey pants, lined with light-yet-responsive padding that absorbs and disperses hits upon impact.
  • Keep in mind, Reebok® hockey skates fit differently than regular athletic footwear. Your hockey skates will be tighter to enhance stability and minimize uncomfortable chafing and irritation. When selecting a size, remember that you’ll be sporting thick hockey socks during play.
  • Reebok® hockey bags are a must for ice time. These bags are specially crafted to haul and organize your hockey equipment—providing added convenience not found with general-use duffles.