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Compression Apparel

Learn More About Compression Clothing


Crafted For Your Fitness: Compression Apparel

It’s clothing that works as hard as you do.

Compression apparel offers up a fit that supports your training. This innovative garment technology helps decrease recovery time, fortify muscles and stave off pain and soreness as you train.

Suit up with the compression apparel collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods. Wear a compression shirt or compression tights alone or as a baselayer. Isolate muscle groups with compression sleeves for legs and arms

Compression apparel is engineered to contour to your skin. A graduated, second-skin fit squeezes muscles and helps blood vessels open. This delivers more blood and oxygen to your muscles—and helps you perform better.

Shop compression apparel from brands like Nike®, Under Armour®, SKINS® and Reebok®.

Expert Advice

Compression clothing helps keep the muscles warm to prevent injuries, and moisture-wicking helps athletes feel cool and comfortable during their workouts. Compression underwear makes activities more comfortable by holding everything in place and improving circulation.

Discover compression apparel that matches your sport. Cold-weather compression apparel helps produce and retain body heat. Shorts and compression tank s provide maximum flexibility during long training sessions.

Compression clothes should be snug, but comfortable. It's okay if the clothes feel a little tight, as long as the circulation is not impeded and there is no uncomfortable pinching or rubbing.

Compression clothing decreases vibration in your muscles and minimizes fatigue. The best compression clothes increase the blood flow to your muscles and restock your muscles with glycogen. The knit of the fabrics determines the level of support.

Depending on the main muscles you exert during your exercise or sport, select pieces with graduated compression features. Compression socks must compress your calves less than your ankles and encourage your blood to flow freely while you run.

Compression shirts for men hold your core muscles tighter than your arms and chest, and encourage better posture and full breathing. Shorts and tights must hold the larger and stronger thigh muscle groups tighter than your knees and upper calves. Select pieces that offer extra support to your most heavily-used muscle groups.