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Learn More About Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Rods

Whether you’re trolling or fly fishing, discover the right gear for making your next big salmon or steelhead catch.

Get the feel, sensitivity and strength you need on the water. Anglers after salmon and steelhead need a rod that delivers a precise combination of lightweight components and durability on the water – so you can cast your line effortlessly and reel in your catch.

Choose from casting and spinning rods that range in power between “ultra-light” and “extra heavy” for the feel you need on the water. Pick up a one-piece rod or a two-piece design that make transportation a breeze.

Look to the top brands in the sport for gear you can trust, like St. Croix®, Fenwick®, Berkley® and Shakespeare®.

Buying Tips

Durable, lightweight components are essential to a salmon and steelhead rod, allowing you to cast your line smoothly while maintaining the strength to reel in the big catch. This allows you to cast your line effortlessly while still having the strength to reel in a big catch.

Casting rods, or conventional rods, are designed to have the reel and reel guide placed on top of the rod. This type of fishing rod is ideal for anglers looking to cast several hundred times on a fishing expedition.

Spinning rods position the reel and guide on the bottom of the pool, and are excellent for producing smooth, accurate casts. Triggers are not used on spinning rods. Spinning rods with elongated grip handles for two-handing casting are frequently employed for steelhead and salmon fishing.

Expert Advice

Select a rod that contains anti-crack technology, including a double coat of slow-cure finish on your rod. This extends the longevity of your rod. Anglers who travel to different fishing spots benefit from a two-piece design, which can be easily transported.

Rods containing a soft flex are best for both salmon and other large, powerful fish. These rods hang onto the bait longer, a helpful feature for nabbing large fish. Look for this feature combined with a moderate action when catching a variety of species with the same rod.