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Classic Fun: Horseshoes & Horseshoe Sets

It’s a classic backyard game for your picnic or barbeque. Get everyone in on a game of horseshoes at your next get together.

Horseshoes is simple and fun—a perfect activity for any age or skill level. How is horseshoes played? Two alternating teams or players take turns tossing horseshoes onto stakes in the ground, which are typically placed 40 feet apart.

Today’s horseshoes are about twice the size of an average horse’s hoof. These stylized, steel horseshoes are available at official, regulation sizes and weights. Colored horseshoes help differentiate those used by different teams.

Horseshoe game sets typically come with two horseshoes and two stakes. For convenience, many sets feature carrying cases or bags.

Shop horseshoes game sets from popular brands, including Franklin® and St. Pierre®. Looking for something else? Get the activities going with the entire collection of outdoor games at DICK’S Sporting Goods.