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Crossbow Bolts & Arrows

Learn More About Crossbow Bolts & Arrows


Choosing The Right Crossbow Bolt For Your Hunt

Take aim with high-performance crossbow bolts from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

What are crossbow bolts? Sometimes called a “quarrel,” they’re simply the arrows used in a crossbow. Offering superior penetration and easy flight, the latest crossbow bolts are ready to shoot right out of the pack.

Select from carbon, aluminum and composite-constructed crossbow bolts for your hunt or target training. Shop trusted outdoor brands, including TenPoint®, Easton Archery® and Carbon Express®.

Expert Advice

Advanced constructions and innovative materials can help make your shot more accurate than ever.

Think about material when choosing your bolt. Many expert archers favor carbon bolts for their lightweight feel and excellent energy transfer. Aluminum is a popular, versatile voice as well. Aluminum bolts offer a quiet shot, excellent spine strength, weather-resistance and precise secs. Composite bolts are available as well.

It comes as no surprise that crossbow bolts that are lighter in weight and smaller in diameter are lighter and faster than their larger counterparts. But keep in mind that heavier bolts can aid in accuracy and efficiency on the shot. Heavier bolts also tend to be quieter—a serious boon when you’re out on the hunt.

Before making your purchase, check out your crossbow. Many crossbow manufacturers require a bolt of a minimum grain weight for use in their model. Follow these guidelines, as using the wrong-size bolt can negatively affect your bow’s components and result in injury.

Stocking up for your hunt? Shop the entire collection of crossbows at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

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