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Roller & Street Hockey Goalie Equipment

Learn More About Roller Hockey Goalie Equipment


Be Impenetrable with Street & Roller Hockey Goalie Equipment

It’s essential: A goalie needs to be in tune with his equipment. Shop breakthrough goalie gear that keeps you safe and lets you play at peak performance.

Protect the goal with confidence: Shop street and roller hockey goalie leg pads, blockers, gloves and more. Get everything your game needs in a single package with goalie sets, or shop individual pieces, including goalie helmets and padding.

Choose equipment that provides complete mobility while it protects. Select street and roller hockey goalie gear from the top brands in the sport, like Franklin®, Mylec® and Reebok®.

Expert Advice

Find the right balance of superior protection and total playability with your goalie padding and equipment.

  • Leg pads: Select between plastic and metal clips for your leg pads. Plastic clips are typically easier to use, while metal clips can prove more durable. Goalie leg pads for adult players range in size between 26 and 34 inches.
  • Chest pads for goalies are vital, shielding your chest and heart areas from a fast-flying puck or hockey ball. Chest protectors should cover most of your upper body and include a clavicle protection, extended shoulder caps and bicep muscle caps. Choose chest protection that comes with a spine protector for your back.
  • Select between goalie and catcher gloves designed for street and roller hockey. Catcher gloves typically resemble a large first basemen’s mitt. Choose a catcher’s glove with a molded thumb and individual finger areas. A blocker glove is worn on your stick hand and should feature ample padding to deflect shots.
  • Goalie masks and helmets come in a variety of styles, and you should choose based on your needs and preference of comfort level. Masks come in stainless steel or composite wire mesh. Look for a helmet made with extremely durable hard shell plastic or a similar composite material.

The best street hockey goalie equipment keeps you ready for action behind the crease.

For complete mobility, break in your goalie gear properly: Every goal leg pad has two breaks – one at the knee and another at the foot. If these are not broken in, movement will be impaired.

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