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Everlast® Boxing Stands, Gloves & Training Gear

Through months of training up to the day of the bout, DICK’S Sporting Goods has all the Everlast® boxing gear to get you ready for the ring. Being a boxer takes discipline, determination and drive. While it’s up to you to put in the training time, this collection does its part by offering excellent equipment to help you reach your goal. DICK’S Sporting Goods’ inventory includes:

  • Training and heavy bag boxing gloves for men and women
  • Supportive hand wraps
  • Freestanding, speed, and heavy bags for strength training and conditioning
  • Protective headgear and mouth guards

Find the gear you need from Everlast® or shop all boxing and MMA gear from DICK’S Sporting Goods so you can train better and fight stronger.

Buying Tips

When it comes to what boxing equipment you need, take the following into consideration:

  • Training gloves are built to promote proper punching technique and help to strengthen your skills. Padding helps prevent injury to the hand and wrist. Heavy bag gloves provide the support and protection you need for serious bag training.
  • Mouth guards provide powerful impact protection for your mouth and teeth.
  • Protect the bones and tendons in your hands with hand wraps. They also provide extra support to the wrists and thumbs.
  • Headgear gives you essential face and head protection
  • Freestanding and heavy bags help you develop strength and power, while speed bags help you work on hand-eye coordination, rhythm and speed.

Expert Advice

When it comes to your safety, choosing the proper equipment is essential. When deciding which specific equipment to buy, the following expert advice will come in handy:

  • Heavy bags vary in weight. What size bag is right for you? Generally, bags should be about half your weight.
  • Bags should be made of a highly durable outer shell, such as vinyl or synthetic leather and filled with high-density filling.
  • The filling of your punching bag impacts its weight, shape and stiffness.

Boxing gloves range in weight from 8oz to 16oz. Typically, your weight helps to determine which size glove to buy.

  • 147lbs or lighter: 12oz
  • 147lbs to 175lbs: 14 oz
  • 175lbs or heavier: 16oz