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Men's Lacrosse Gear

Learn More About Men's Lacrosse Gear


Step Up Your Game: The Latest Menís Lacrosse Gear

Itís known as the fastest game on two feetóand you need gear that keeps you moving ahead of the competition. Boost your LAX game with equipment from DICKíS Sporting Goods.

Suit up in lacrosse apparel and protective equipment that supports your performance. From the right pair of shorts to a breathable mesh beanie, get in the game with brands like Nike®, Under Armour® and adidas®.

The latest lacrosse gear is engineered for better performance: Think ultra-lightweight materials, high-impact absorption technologies and much more. Shop the sportís top brands, like Brine®, Warrior® and STX®.

Expert Advice

Menís Lacrosse Apparel: Pick up your season essentials. Get breathable mesh beanies, shooting shirts, and stretchable compression baselayers to support your body. Move fluidly in in performance-cut shorts, airy tees and mid-calf lacrosse socks. Feel fresh with lightweight layersómicrofibers wick away sweat to keep you feeling clean.

Menís Lacrosse Footwear: Step out in the right cleats, trainers and slides. Master drills in a pair of Nike® Frees and own the field on game day with lacrosse cleats built for responsive cushion and terrorizing traction. When the game closes, cool off in the locker room in a pair of menís slide sandals.

Menís Lacrosse Helmets: The latest helmets feature multi-foam liner systems that absorb and disperse impact. Customize the fit of your helmet with adjustable jaw pads. Always choose a helmet with built-in ventilation in the shell, which delivers strategic breathability.

Lacrosse Body Protection: Shoulder pads should be low-profile with stretch-spandex zones, allowing for a better range of motion. Your lacrosse glove should be lightweight and flexible, so you can feel your hit without pain. For extra coverage, look for gloves with an attached wrist guard.

With the right lacrosse stick, nothing stops you on the field.

Beginners often go for the out-of-the-box playability of a complete lacrosse stick. More experienced players prefer to customize their stick and head to their playing style and position.

Most lacrosse shafts are made of aluminum, titanium, scandium, alloys or a carbon fiber composite. Titanium is regarded as the strongest material, while aluminum is the most lightweight. Most are octagonal in shape and some come with a tacky texture to improve grip. The open end of these hollow shafts must be covered in tape or a rubber cap.

The head of your lacrosse stick is the top portion that receives the ball. Consult league requirements before making your purchase; head sizes are regulated by the NFHS and the NCS.

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Choosing A Men's Lacrosse Stick