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Run Right: Brooks® Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

Brooks® gear helps runners make the most of every mile. Take on the course ahead with Brooks® running shoes, apparel and accessories.

Designed with the latest footwear technology, Brooks® running shoes for men, women and kids are optimized for your gait cycle. Get the fit, feel and support you need with Brooks® neutral, motion-control and stability running shoes in a variety of shoe weights and widths.

Brooks® running apparel helps you go the extra distance with lightweight athletic designs. From ultra-comfortable running shocks to the right running singlet or tee, trust your training to Brooks®.

Expert Advice

Brooks® running shoes are specially designed to promote a smooth, stable ride. Consult product information to find the Brooks® shoe that delivers the right level of support for your gait.

Brooks® apparel is crafted for the rigors of your run. Airy, sweat-wicking fabric keeps you feeling light on the move. Prep for your morning run with all the essentials-like running T-shirts, tanks and shorts. Shop the whole collection for colors and styles that match your personality.

You can layer up when the temperatures drop in Brooks® running pants, hoodies and jackets, designed to keep you warm without unnecessary bulk.

It's the details that make the difference on your run. Brooks&Reg; running accessories help you work towards your new personal best. For example, running stocks woven with strategic padding add an extra layer of cushion and shock absorption to your run.

Consider the pronation of your foot, and choose from motion-control, neutral and stability shoes. Pronation is your foot's natural inward roll after a heel strike. Basic pronation, or neutral pronation, helps your body absorb impact to relieve pressure on your joints for a biomechanically efficient run.

Overpronation is an exaggerated form of this inward roll. Runners with this trait require Brooks® stability or motion control shoes, which are built to help correct overpronation.

Underpronation is the outward roll of the foot upon heel strike. This trait results in inadequate shock absorption on landing. Runners with underpronation should choose a shoe with optimal cushioning and flex along the outsole.

Moisture-wicking technology is a must for your running apparel. Garments with this technology are woven with specialized microfibers, which lift sweat from skin and transfer it to the surface of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates. Many running shoes are designed with sock liners that wick away moisture.