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A top quality triathlon suit or pair of triathlon shorts can help boost your performance in a variety of ways. DICKíS Sporting Goods carries triathlon suits featuring advanced materials that help stabilize your muscles and improve blood circulation throughout your event. Cool, breathable materials keep you comfortable on the bike and on the run, while helping dissipate extra heat to help you perform at the highest possible level.

To help you prepare for the swim stage of your next triathlon, DICKíS Sporting Goods carries swimming goggles, swim caps, floats, kickboards, swim paddles, and a variety of other gear to make your training as efficient and effective as possible.

For the bike and run stages of your race, explore the selection of high performance road bikes, bike trainer stands, running shoes, hydration packs, and other accessories.

Expert Advice

Triathlon training is an intense commitment, often requiring hours of work each week. Your triathlon training needs depend in part on your level of experience in the sport.

If you are preparing for your first event, itís a good idea to focus on the basics, like high quality running shoes, a fast, lightweight bike, and a comfortable tri suit or shorts. When youíre ready to start focusing on the finer points, accessories such as swim paddles, pull floats, and bike training stands can help you get the most out of each workout.

If youíll be riding on muddy trails, look for a shoe with strap closures rather than laces, as they are easier to keep clean. Easy on and off strapped shoes are also a good choice for triathlon training and competition.

If you are considering a pair of cycling shoes that attach to bike pedals, make sure the shoes and pedals are cleat compatible.

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