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Paddle & Fishing Life Vests

Learn More About Kayak Life Vests


Life Jackets for Paddling, Fishing & Boating

One of the cardinal rules of water sports is to enjoy your pastime safely, which is why a life jacket is so important. Also known as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), a life jacket is the most important piece of safety equipment when using a kayak or canoe. Beginners should focus on several points when selecting this piece of equipment.

What is the best life jacket for kayaking?

Use these guidelines to find the most safe and comfortable life jacket to wear while kayaking.

  • Approved as a Personal Floatation Device: Ensure that any life jacket has been authorized for use as a Personal Floatation device by Underwriter’s Laboratories or a similarly approved testing facility authorized by the US Coast Guard.
  • Adequate Floatation : Make sure that you select a life jacket with adequate buoyancy for the person that will depend on it.
  • Proper Sizing: Life jackets should provide a snug fit while allowing a range of movement.

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