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Punching Bags

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Performance Training: Shop Punching Bags, MMA Punching Bags & Stands

Hone your skills. Mixed Martial Arts gear is designed to help you train, tone and improve fundamentals.

Mixed martial arts require a mastery of fighting techniques. This full-contact sport blends elements of kickboxing, karate, wresting and boxing—just to name a few. And an MMA punching bag is an essential element for your training.

The right punching bag helps you work your upper and lower body across a variety of fighting methods. Shop free-standing bags, MMA bags and bag stands—and show the competition you’re ready for anything.

Get the gear you need from brands like Century®, Everlast® and UFC®.

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Expert Advice

Mixed martial artists need to train their whole body. Choose an extended-length training bag or training station, so you can punch, cut and kick like you would in the ring.

Punching bags provide an effective strength-building and cardio workout. And a variety of bag routines promote faster reaction time, balance and footwork. For realistic training, incorporate a torso training bag into the mix. These life-like dummies are affixed to the top of a polyethylene base.

There are two types of MMA® punching bags, hanging bags and free-standing bags. Hanging bags are installed to the ceiling of your gym or home. These bags can be punched and kicked without dislodging or moving out of place.

Free-standing bags are attached to a base, often filled with water or sand. These bags are placed on the floor, making them an ideal choice where a bag cannot be installed to the ceiling.

Looking for a bag constructed with quality vinyl or polyester, filled with a high-density foam padding. Reinforced stitching ensures your bag handles every punch.

The filling of your bag impacts its weight, shape and stiffness. Beginners may opt for a softer bag, while experienced athletes will want a stiffer bag. Bags are primarily filled with three materials:

  • Sand: Better for heavy kicking and punching. Produces less “sway,” or movement, with the bag.
  • Sawdust: A lighter bag with less impact on joints.
  • Grain: Absorbs energy and produces more “sway,” resulting in better feedback and movement.

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