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Toe Socks

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The Right Fit: Toe Socks

Lightweight and ultra-comfortable—toe socks are your new go-to workout accessory.

Five-toed socks are comfortable alternatives to traditional socks. These socks offer a glove-like fit, perfect for traditional or minimalist footwear. Seamless toe sleeves minimize friction and blistering as you move.

Proper toe alignment promotes comfort as you train. A right and left anatomical fit feels natural on your feet. For extra shock absorption, choose toe socks designed with sewn-in padding. Moisture-wicking technology in your socks prevents chafing and blistering for a fresh, comfortable feel.

Go for the seamless look of no-show socks or classic and casual crew socks from Injinji®. Shop the entire collection of athletic socks at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

When shopping for toe socks, be sure to choose the sock type that’s right for your activities. The sturdy fabric and strategically placed grip areas of original weight Injinji® toe socks are ideal for mat exercises, while runners typically prefer the lightweight feel and smooth sole of Injinji® running socks. You can also choose from a variety of toe sock colors, including white, black, gray, and orchid, to help you make a fashion statement in the yoga studio or on the run.

Also, extra arch support is a great feature for those who need a little more lift to reduce aching feet.

Toe socks not only provide additional comfort and blister protection, but also can help promote foot strength and flexibility. The additional range of motion provided by toe socks, together with the excellent arch support, allow your feet to move in a more natural fashion, which in turn promotes strength in the joints and muscles of your foot.

To get the most out of your sock performance, always take into consideration what you will be using them for, and if your feet need any special features (arch support, extra heel padding, etc.). When you do this, you can help decrease aches and pains, as well as alleviate foot fatigue.