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Goose Decoys

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Realistic and Durable Goose Decoys

Whether you are in the Dakotas taking aim at early Canadas, in Missouri hunting for beautiful spring snow geese or in another favorite hunting spot, employing the right decoy is essential to successful goose hunting. At DICK’s Sporting Goods, you’ll find the most refined and reliable decoys available. With a snow goose decoy or full body goose decoy from our selection, you’ll attract flocks of geese to come in close every time.

The decoys are available in sets of three, four, six or twelve. With top brands such as Hard Core®, Dakota Decoy®, Avian-X® and Flambeau®, our decoys are so effective you'll practically be able to just point and shoot.

Our selection includes flocking full bodies, honker feeders, honker walkers and fully flocked Canada floaters. Some decoy sets include specific distinctions such as juveniles, relax females and active males and females. Other sets are comprised of walker feeders, short neck feeders and stretch neck feeders. The key is to determine which design is best suited for your hunt.

The state-of-the-art Expert Advice

There are many decoy variations to consider to suit your environment and hunting plans. For instance, a decoy in a natural swimming posture attracts geese passing in the distance. Decoys with ultra-realistic paint schemes present a lifelike appearance that naturally blend with the habitat. Decoys that feature over-sized square retractable bases demonstrate a natural motion to draw other geese in close.

The carefully crafted body shapes and natural appearance are so lifelike you’ll be tempted to get them in your sights.

In addition to our wide array of decoys, DICK’s Sporting Goods offers an excellent assortment of decoy accessories to maximize your hunting results.

  • Complement your collection of goose decoys and increase your chances of a big haul with a Canada or snow goose flag to add lifelike motion around your decoy spread.
  • Decoy Weights can be easily secured to front keels, the head or the neck of a decoy to keep the decoy sitting upright in the water when strung up.
  • Transport your decoys to and from your ground blind in a waterfowl decoy bag.
  • Specially designed goose lanyards provide you with a convenient way to keep your favorite waterfowl calls close at hand.

All of these components and many more are featured in the selection of