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Bushnell Rangefinders

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Experience Accuracy with Bushnell Laser Rangefinders

Take the guesswork out of your hunt. Experience the advantage a Bushnell® laser rangefinder gives you in the field.

Execute a clean, one-shot kill. Bushnell® laser rangefinders fire an eye-safe laser beam from the device to your target, providing hunters with valuable insight before they pull the trigger. The method is quick and accurate—with a plus/minus of one yard. Devices are engineered for activities like target shooting, rifle hunting, and archery hunting.

The Bushnell® rangefinders collection includes simple, single-button models and rangefinders with high-end technical features for experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Find the perfect one for your hunt or shop all rangefinders from leading brands.

Buying Tips

The main difference between Bushnell® laser rangefinder models is maximum distance abilities. Some Bushnell rangefinders are better at capturing readings through rain or fog. And some feature a scan mode to track moving targets. Consider these factors when selecting your Bushnell laser rangefinder:

  • Measurement Range
  • Magnification
  • Lens Coatings
  • Water Resistant/Waterproof
  • Battery Life
  • Size, Weight

Choose a Bushnell® laser rangefinder that won’t weigh you down. Consider a compact model if space is an issue in your bag or tree stand.

Expert Advice

If your Bushnell® laser rangefinder will be used for archery or muzzleloader hunting, the maximum distance of your rangefinder is not as important as accuracy. And forget pacing off the distance during target shooting. Use a Bushnell® laser rangefinder to find the accurate distance.