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Walkie Talkies & Two-Way Radios

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Walkie Talkies & Two-Way Radios: Communication, Anywhere You Are

It’s crisp, clear communication—no matter where you are. Relish your adventure with the help of walkie talkies.

Two-way radios and walkie talkies are a reliable and efficient means of communicating in a variety of environments. You can bring these tools with you wherever the journey takes you—from the campsite to the bush, on the water and beyond.

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Expert Advice

Head out in the field with a walkie talkie that’s rugged enough for your journey. Sleek, shock-proof casing and simple features ensure communication is always within reach.

Two-way radios are built for portability, so look for a lightweight, compact design. Waterproof casing protects your device from Mother Nature. Consult product information for the device’s operating temperature range. Users may experience difficulty in extreme temperatures.

Push-to-talk buttons ensure ease of use. A backlit screen enables you to use your device in a range of light conditions.

Make sure the communication is clear and consistent. Keypad locking features prevents accidental activation, while a roger beep and keystroke tones provide clear indication during your communications. Microphone and headphone jackets also offer utility.

Auto-squelch keeps your radio silent, except when a signal is received. An auto-channel scan lets you easily find channels and sub-channels with the strongest signal. An emergency alert button delivers peace of mind when you’re far off the beaten path.

Consider your journey before purchasing a two-way radio. Most come with a maximum range of distance, for example, 35 miles. Drop-in chargers and desktop chargers provide long-lasting use, but some devices run on Alkaline batteries. Always consult production information for maximum battery life spans.