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Work Boots

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Work Boots for the Toughest Jobs

Stay safe at the work site. Whether you’re looking for extra toe protection or traction for slick surfaces, find the boot that helps you get the job done.

Select from a variety of common-sense features, materials and technologies that help you make the most of your time on the job. Shop men’s work boots, women’s work boots and uniform boots. Rubber boots are great for handling wet weather, while ultra-rugged steel-toe boots provide the added coverage you need at industrial sites.

Shop Industry-leading brands like Timberland®, CARHARTT®, Durango® and more.

Expert Advice

Work boots are often crafted for the specific needs of workers. Think about the material, construction and outsole you need to stay on your feet longer.

Metatarsal and toe protection is an essential component for many workers. These shoes are also known as “safety toes” or “steel-toe boots.” All safety boots are required to pass the American Society for Testing and Materials standard to ensure impact and compression prior to production.

Waterproof boots are recommended for outdoor projects. GORE-TEX® technology is featured in many work boots. This innovative material works to seal out water for absolute protection in the toughest conditions. Slip-resistant boots are designed with traction-maximizing outsoles that grip treacherous surfaces. Some boots are designed specifically for exposure to snow and ice.

Anti-fatigue boots are great for workers who are on their feet for the long haul. These boots are fortified in the midsole with responsive cushioning, returning energy to key pressure points. This enhanced shock absorption helps keep you comfortable, longer.

Think about the main components and construction of your work boots.

Steel toes are the original safety feature in work boots. A steel cap covers the toe box for added protection and impact absorption.

Many workers prefer alternatives to steel toe, including the lighter alloy, aluminum and composite toes. Composite toes to do not conduct cold or electricity in the way that steel does. These materials are considered ATSM-safe and security-friendly. If toe protection isn’t essential, you may prefer the lightweight feel of a soft-toe boot.

Consider inner lining in your boot. In cold conditions, look for a soft fleece or brushed interior, which helps retain natural heat. A moisture-wicking liner works to lift perspiration away from your feet, so you feel comfortable on the move.

Workers need reliable outsoles on their boot. If you’re heading out on slick surfaces, choose boots with a specialized rubber outsole. Lug boots are designed with a sharp outside edge for gripping on tough surfaces. A shallow tread outsole works best on muddy or grassy surfaces.

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