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29er Mountain Bikes

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Take on Tough Terrain with 29er Bikes.

29er mountain bikes are built for cyclists looking for extra momentum over obstacles along the trail.

Named for the diameter of their wheels, 29er mountain bikes are designed to handle dirt, rocky trails and off-road terrain. These bikes feature low gears to take on steeper terrain. What sets a 29er apart from the traditional mountain bike is its larger, 29-inch wheels.

Larger wheels provide better momentum once rolling, allowing the cyclist to move faster over open terrain and obstacles. A larger tire also means more "tire contact" on the trail, which provides better traction and control along the ride.

This modern breed of mountain bike is ideal for riders looking to add speed to their off-road journey, providing a stable feel with lots of rolling power. Select between disc and rim-brake 29ers and bikes with dual or front-end suspension. Shop all bikes or find your 29er from popular biking brands, like Diamondback® and Nishiki®.