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Reebok CrossFit Shoes

Learn More About CrossFit Shoes by Reebok


Designed For Your Workout: Learn About Reebok® CrossFit® Shoes

Your CrossFit® training pushes you to the limits. And it takes specialized footwear to take on this ultra-challenging training.

What are CrossFit® shoes?

Reebok® CrossFit® shoes are built for intense training workouts. This versatile footwear is optimized for the unique, cross-functional challenges of CrossFit® training. Get the cushion, stability and lightweight feel you need to reach your new personal best.

Don’t settle for second-best: Reebok® is the official brand of CrossFit® footwear. Look stylish at the gym with a variety of colors, constructions and advanced features. CrossFit® shoes are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Expert Advice

CrossFit® shoes should deliver a precise blend of comfort and performance.

The latest CrossFit® shoes keep you on your feet longer. A lightweight construction, proper underfoot support and ultra-durable materials ensure you stay focused on your conditioning.

Reebok® CrossFit footwear is the ultimate in versatility, providing support for all-around training. Each shoe is built for exceptional lateral stability, supporting the side-to-side movements that CrossFit® requires.

Look for a full-length foam midsole for responsive cushioning and feel. A low-profile platform outsole provides the perfect level of underfoot support. Keep in mind details like flex grooves along the outsole or forefoot. This feature helps you maintain a natural gait as you move.

Learn more about the construction of your Reebok® CrossFit® shoes:

Your CrossFit® shoes should feature a low-profile design, which keeps you closer to the ground so you stay quick on your feet. A breathable mesh upper is essential, providing natural air circulation to maximize comfort.

Reebok® shoes are designed with a high-abrasion rubber outsole to ensure the longevity of your shoe. A molded sockliner enhances the fit of your shoe. Built-in moisture management systems transfer sweat from your skin the surface of your shoe—so you can work out comfortably.

Looking for more? Boost your training with the entire collection of Reebok® CrossFit® apparel or more Reebok® shoes.