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Hockey Goalie Equipment

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Ready For Ice Time: Your Hockey Goalie Gear Buying Guide

What does a goalie need behind the crease? Try performance goalie sticks, padding and skates. Shop the full collection of goalie equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods—and see the difference it makes in your game.

When it comes to your job as goalie, safety is key. And the latest hockey goaltender gear offers excellent protection without sacrificing your agility on the ice. Use this checklist to ensure you’ve got your core set of equipment for the season:

  • Goalie Facemasks
  • Chest & Arm Protectors
  • Hockey Goalie Sticks
  • Catching Glove
  • Blockers
  • Leg Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • Goalie Pants & Jersey

Buying Advice

White leg padding helps you blend in with the ice. Goalie leg pads are available in types: Plastic clips and metal clips. Which is right for you? Plastic clips are easier to open and close and recommended for youth players. Metal clips prove more durable but are often more difficult to use.

Chest protectionis vital for goaltenders, offering a barrier between the puck and your chest and heart areas. Chest pads are typically nylon wrapped around layers of resilient foam. Despite the name, chest protectors actually safeguard most of the upper body and generally include a clavicle protector, extended shoulder caps and floaters for the biceps.

When shopping for a goalie catching glove,look for a molded, one-piece thumb area and pre-curved palm with individual finger compartments. Masks include a stainless steel or composite wire mesh cage for better peripheral viewing. Your helmet should have a durable hard-shell plastic or composite material and deliver a snug yet comfortable fit that does not move once in place.

  • Modern goalie masks come in a variety of styles that depend on your personal preference, but all offer superior protection and varying degrees of comfort.
  • Masks also include a stainless steel or composite wire mesh cage for better peripheral viewing as well as enhanced protection.
  • Helmets are made of an extremely durable hard-shell plastic or composite similar to a bicycle helmetThe helmet should fit snugly but comfortably on the head so it does not wiggle.
  • Sizing differs according to manufacturer, so refer to the sizing indicators on each helmet to determine your proper size. Many helmets are adjustable as well.
  • After you’ve suited up for the game, step on the ice with the right hockey stick. Your goalie stick is larger and heavier than a player stick, with a wider blade and paddle area. Choose a stick based on your stature. Goalie sticks are always composed of wood.

Hockey goalie skates are built with two basic components—the boot and the blade:

  • Boot: Most skates are manufactured with a combination of leather and synthetic materials in the upper, designed to provide durability, performance and comfort.
  • Blade: Skate blades are made of steel and have a concave shape. An important factor is blade radius, or the length of the blade that comes in contact with the ice during play. Goalie blades tend to have a longer blade radius, with less hollow grind.