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Get a Grip with Lacrosse Gloves

The right equipment is key for your game. Choose performance-crafted lacrosse gloves for the edge you need on the field.

Lacrosse gloves feature heavy padding at the tops of fingers, the backhand and around the wrist to shield hands against aggressive play and checks. The right lacrosse glove should both protect and allow natural hand movement.

Explore the whole collection of menís lacrosse gloves, womenís lacrosse gloves and youth lacrosse gloves. Choose from popular LAX brands for the gloves you need, including Brine®, STX®, Under Armour® and many more.

Buying Tips

The best lacrosse gloves enhance your stick handling while protecting against checks during play. Lacrosse gloves that are well ventilated are a mustókeeping your hands cool and comfortable during play. Built-in mesh paneling allows for natural air-flow as you move.

Synthetic and mesh materials promote optimal grip and allow skin to breathe. Articulated fingers and stretch gussets allow for natural hand movement and dexterity. The flexibility of your glove is determined by the amount of padding breaks and stitch points. The more flexible your glove, the more control you will have for stick handling.

Moisture-wicking liner in your lacrosse glove works to lift perspiration from your skin, keeping your hands dry during play.

Expert Advice

Protection is essential in your lacrosse gloveómost players need the greatest amount of protection on the back of their hand and down their thumb. Consider the wrist of your glove when making your purchase.

Gloves are built with two or three piece of layered protection on the wrist. Gloves with three pieces of wrist protection often feature an adjustable cuff guard to protect players during ball pick-ups.

Get in the game with the full lacrosse gear collection at DICKíS Sporting Goods.