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Babolat Tennis Racquets

Learn More About Babolat Racquets


Learn More About Babolat® Tennis Racquets

Make your game on the court even stronger with Babolat® tennis racquets from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

An industry-leader, Babolat® crafts tennis racquets for players of all skill levels. Get the lightweight feel, control and strength you need on the court with this brand’s performance-designed pre-strung and unstrung racquets.

Best of all, you can select from a variety of racquet models that match the unique mechanics of your swing. Innovative materials and technologies help support your game, from practice to play. For more, shop the full collection of Babolat® tennis gear at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Seeking more power on the court? Or maybe you’re looking for a racquet that grants you more precision on your shots? Babolat® crafts tennis racquets for a variety of swing types—so you can maximize your game.

Before making your selection, consider your stroke type. If you have a shorter, slower swing, a racquet with an oversized head might be a good fit for your game, helping you increase your hitting power on the shot. If you have a powerful, looping swing, try a short and compact tennis racquet, which can help you hone into your game and gain additional control.

Head-light tennis racquets are easier to maneuver at the net but offer less baseline power. They’re great for all-court players who take full swings. Head-heavy racquets are harder to maneuver but are an excellent fit for players who rally at the baseline.

“Balanced” Babolat® racquets offer the best of both worlds—and they’re a good for all-court players.

Keep in mind, pre-strung Babolat® tennis racquets are a great choice for most beginner and intermediate players, while unstrung racquets help experienced players customize their racquet for the court.