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Saltwater Baits & Lures

Learn More About Saltwater Lures


Learn More About Saltwater Lures

Head to the sea shore with performance saltwater lures from DICK’S Sporting Goods—and get ready to bring in your next trophy catch.

The latest saltwater hard baits and soft baits are designed to precisely mimic the colors, movement and reflections of your fish’s prey.

Shop the brands experienced anglers trust, including Berkley®, MirrOlure®, Sea Striker® and more.

Expert Advice

Learn more about the different kinds of saltwater lures:

  • Jigs use live and dead bait alongside artificial lures. There are a wide variety of jigs available and they are used for an array of fish species.
  • Spinnerbaits are “lead-head” jigs, consisting of a weighted hood and head that imitates saltwater bait fish. They are outfitted with a soft plastic rubber skirt, attached to a spinner.
  • Spinners are lures that attract fish through colors and movement. They feature colored beats, rings and skirts.
  • Plug Lures mimic the motion of swimming fish. They are typically constructed from a molded plastic.
  • Spoon Lures are constructed of shiny metal, flashing in the water like small prey or bait fish.

Keep a wide range of baits and lures on hand—so you’ll have plenty of options to keep your game fish interested. Always consider your environment and species when stocking your tackle box. Think about the color, shape and movement of prey species in your particular environment and season before heading to the shore.

For more, shop the entire collection of saltwater fishing equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods.