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Learn More About Wetsuits


Ride Waves with Streamlined Wetsuits

Dive in with a sleek, comfortable fit. Experience rash-free rides and ultimate protection in the water with performance-ready wetsuits.

Gain warmth in cool waters in a full-body wetsuit, or take on blue waters in short wetsuits or "shorties" that leave lower legs and arms exposed.

Discover added warmth in the water and a snug but flexible fit. Your wetsuit should hug your body with an anatomically correct fit and flatlock steams for a natural, chafe-free feel.

Find the second-skin fit you need with wetsuits designed for men, women and youth. Expect quality from top brands like Quiksilver® and DBX®.

Expert Advice

Look for quick-drying fabrication in your wetsuits, so you are never weighed down when taking on waves.

Ensure your wetsuit gives you a glove-like fit that never stands in the way of your performance.

Go for features like adjustable neck closures that create a watertight seal and a four-way stretch construction for maximized mobility. Choose a wetsuit built with lightweight fabrication that keeps you warm and absorbs less water. For extra flex and protection, suit up with wetsuits built with knee pads.

Find a wetsuit that is designed for your water temperature and depth and pair with water shoes or other footwear designed to provide in-the-water traction. Pull on a full-body wetsuit that enables total mobility or a half-body suit for treading through warmer waters.

The warmer the temperatures, the less protection you need. For colder waters, look for full-body suits designed to be both water and wind-resistance, for the insulation you need. In addition to length, thicker wetsuits offer extra warmth.

Most wetsuits and drysuits are built with neoprene, a synthetic rubber that is waterproof, insulated and flexible. For warm water, turn to a wetsuit designed with nylon, a thinner, more flexible material.

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