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Flavored Mouthguards

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Protection For Play: Shop Flavored Mouthguards

Flavored mouthguards taste great while protecting your teeth from impact on the playing field.

These innovative mouthguards are treated to deliver a long-lasting sweet taste as you take on the competition. Select from a variety of flavorful tastes, including fruity oranges and raspberry or fresh spearmint and bubblegum.

Shop flavored mouthguards from brands like Under Armour® and Shock Doctor®, which designs its mouthguards with its proprietary Flavor Fusion technology.

Like other mouthguards, flavored mouthguards are worn over the teeth during contact sports to prevent oral injury. Stock mouthguards come ready to wear. For a more customized fit, try “boil and bite” mouthpieces, which can be modified to your unique oral imprint. Simply boil these mouthguards to soften. Then, place the piece in your mouth to shape around your teeth.

Select from a variety of styles and features. Remember, always consult product information when selecting your flavored mouthguard. Some pieces, for example, are not designed to be worn with braces.

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