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Sole Exercise Bikes

Learn More About SOLE Exercise Bikes


Cycle on With SOLE

A Sole® exercise bike will help you reach your fitness goals comfortably in your own home.

Riding a stationary bike can offer a superb cardiovascular workout that is low-impact and easy to modify to your strengths and fitness needs. Your workout on a Sole® exercise bike can help strengthen your legs, hips, and glutes as you ramp up resistance during your ride.

Think about what type of work out you're looking for in your stationary Sole® exercise bike. A traditional upright exercise bike most resembles a regular bicycle. A recumbent bike will offer you additional back support and comfort as you exercise.

Expert Advice

Your Sole® exercise bike will be lightweight, easy-to-use and save space in your home.

Each model of Sole® exercise bike comes with a comfortable, sturdy seat and adjustable handlebars so you can work out with ease.

Sole® exercise bikes are constructed for quality and sturdiness and will deliver a leisurely, customizable workout, every day. Adjustable resistance on your Sole® bike will enable you to modify your workout. Your Sole® exercise bike will come with a variety of workout options that are easy to program and customize so you can change your fitness routine.

Look for the kinds of features that will enable you to make the most of your workout. A clear display with easy-to-use controls will give you real-time data on the distance and speed of your workout, as well as your calories burned, resistance level and much more.

Stay motivated and challenged with your Sole® exercise equipment.

Easy-to-use, customizable workout programs and resistance options will ensure that you can modify your workout at any time - whether you're looking to boost yourself to the next level or slow down the pace.

Road bikers or indoor cycling enthusiasts alike should look for comfort and durability in their indoor exercise bike. Sole's® patented two-degree inward design on its foot pedals place the body in correct posture, cutting down on aches and pains experienced by some users.