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Nikon Scopes

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Nikon Rifle Scopes Shoot With Precision

Zero in on your target with speed and precision.

Get the hunting scope that gives you an advantage in the field. From Nikon® riflescopes to Nikon MONARCH scopes, find the scope that fits your hunting needs:

  • PROSTAFF Scopes: A tested and proven rugged hunting scope.
  • Buckmaster Scopes: Experience the combination of critical light transmission, must-have features and rugged durability.
  • Varmint Scopes: Built for the needs of predator and varmint hunters.
  • Rimfire Scopes: A lightweight option for fans of the .22 long rifle cartridge.
  • Muzzleloader Scopes: Dedicated scopes that work best for your muzzleloader and get you maximum potential. Patented reticles allow hunters to shoot out to 300 yards.
  • Shotgun Scopes: Provide the precision that shotgun-wielding hunters need. Accurate shots out to 200 yards thanks to the ballistic reticle technology.
  • MSR Scopes: Modern Sporting Rifle scopes are engineered to accommodate your MSR or your varmint hunting rifle, making for an excellent multi-purpose use.

Expect top quality from Nikon®—a trusted company that specializes in optics.

Buying Tips

Think about the power you need from your Nikon® hunting scope.

The first two numbers in a scope description tell you the magnification settings. For example, a 3-9 has a three times to nine times magnification range. The two numbers also mean the scope is a variable power scope that can change the magnification settings. Some scopes are fixed and do not have magnification adjustment settings.

The third number in the description refers to the size of the objective lens—indicating how much light the scope can transmit to the ocular lens. In general, larger objective lenses can transmit more light. Its not always critical to have a large objective lens you only need a large lens if you use high magnification levels in the 14-36 range. For most hunters, a 40-millimeter lens is sufficient.

The type of scope you need depends heavily on the type of shooting you want to do. If you plan to hunt big game at a distance of around 100 yards or less, you do not need a high-power riflescope. Anything more than a 7 or 8-magnification setting is unnecessary.

Expert Advice

If your firearm has a lot of recoil, be sure to have enough eye relief the space between the end of the scope and your eye.

When mounting your new scope, get into your shooting position. Whether you kneel or sit, a good scope mount for one position may not work well for another.Unlock the true potential of your firearm with Nikon®s Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. You can now match your riflescope and reticle to almost any ammunition. All you need is your Nikon® riflescope, a rangefinder, and your firearm. The technology will do all of the work for you showing all of the shot possibilities before use.

If you hunt from a greater distance, you need a more powerful scope. For targets more than 200 yards away, consider a scope in the 12 or more magnification range.

Take into account the terrain. In heavily wooded areas, you are not able to see as far as you would an open plain and you do not need a very powerful scope.