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Bear Archery Bows

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Take Your Shot: Bear Archery® Compound Bows

Stalk your prey with precision: Bear Archery® bows are built for a smooth, silent shot.

Archery hunters and target shooters alike benefit from Bear Archery's® performance-engineered compound bows. Expect a lightweight yet durable bow. Select from soft to aggressive cams and quality stainless steel features.

Bear Archery® bows are available with specialized constructions for hunters, target shooters, women and youth archers. Looking for more? Check out the entire collection of compound bows at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Bear Archery® bows are ready for your hunt. Smooth, no-vibration draws and quality craftsmanship help you make the most of every shot. Consider these points when selecting your Bear Archery® compound bow:

Draw Length: This factor denotes the distance a compound bow draws before the string stops. Consult product information to learn about a specific compound bow’s draw length range. Often, this can be adjusted to fit the archer. Keep in mind: If draw length is too short, accuracy on the shot will suffer. A draw length that is too long can cause poor form, which also leads to inaccuracy.

Draw Weight: This is the peak weight you will as you draw back the bow’s string. Heavier draw weights produce faster speed, but a weight that’s too heavy will lead to inaccuracy and improper form. Many compound bows have a “let-off,” which enables you to lessen the weight at full draw. Consult product information to learn the “let-off” percentage. As you’re hunting, you may draw back your bow for long periods of time, waiting for the precise moment to shoot. Also, heavy draw weights are sometimes difficult to manage in cold, damp conditions.

Bow Length: This factor impacts both the stability and maneuverability of your bow. Bow length is measured from axle to axle. Target shooting bows tend to be longer than those used for hunting.

Keep in mind, the faster the speed of your bow, the less drop you’ll experience over a distance. But bows designed for added speed are sometimes more difficult to shoot—and less accurate. Most experts suggest a moderate AMO speed of 235 to 245.

The cam is the teeter-totter system of your bow, composed of a string and one or two wheels, the cams, and two harness on your bows. This is a critical factor in your bow’s performance.

Soft Cams allow you to draw back smoother and softer, so you can take better aim. These cams require less energy to shoot, perfect for a chilly morning in your treestand.

Aggressive Cams are better suited for hunting, providing more energy in the draw cycle that produces better penetration from your arrow.