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SOG Knives

Learn More About SOG Knives


Outdoor Essentials: Learn More About SOG® Knives

From cleaning big game to hacking through brush, get the job done with a performance-crafted SOG® knife.

SOG® knives are built for complete reliability in the field. You can rely on these tools to be easy to use, ultra-durable and designed for the task at hand. Select from SOG® boning knives, folding knives, serrated knives and multi-tools.

SOG® knives feature premium materials and construction. Explore more with the entire collection of knives and multi-tools at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Learn more about the different types of SOG® knives available at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

SOG® Boning Knives: These tools feature a sharp point and narrow blade, used to remove bones from an animal, including fish, poultry, livestock and wild game. Use these knives to butcher your own game.

SOG® Drop-Point Knives: These knives are frequently used by hunters. Use these tools for birds, small game and carefully skin out specific parts of your game.

SOG® Tactical Knives: A sharp, stainless steel blade and black finish make these knives ideal for use by military and law enforcement.

SOG® Serrated Knives: This brand of knife offers extra cutting power. Consult product information. Many knives come as either fully or partially serrated.

Knives designed for specific tasks often provide the most utility. The SOG® collection also includes axes, tomahawks and multi-tools.

Consider the two main components of your knife—your blade and your handle.

  • Blade Handles come in a variety of materials, and are often texturized to enhance grip. Rubberized and molded plastic handles provide excellent grip. The handle should have a grip that gives you about one-quarter inch of space on both sides of your hand. Some blades are contoured for a more ergonomic fit.
  • Blade Materials are often stainless steel, though carbon steel is also sometimes used.
  • Folding Or Fixed Blade? Fixed knives are built with the handle and blade in a single piece for a sturdy feel during use. Folding knives are designed to be folded for convenient carrying or storage.