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Case Knives

Learn More About Case Knives


For Tough Jobs, Rely on Case Knives

Every hunter needs good hunting knives. Depend on Case fixed blade and folding blade knives to deliver lightweight and durable performance in the field.

Focus on the blade design that works best for your hunting needs. From skinning to a knife with several interchangeable blades, choose the knife best suited for the chores itís intended to handle.

Decide what size of knife you need from Case. If you need a knife only for cleaning game like squirrels, consider a smaller knife thatís light and fits into your pocket. If youíre hunting elk, something bigger and sturdier is more useful. Regardless of the size, make sure the knife fits comfortably in your hand.

Donít overlook the construction of the handle. Synthetic materials such as ABS and Zytel or Kraton offer a combination of sure grip and economy. Wood and leather handles feature an aesthetically pleasing look and can be warmer to the touch.

Case knives are important utensils that will last you many years. Choose your next hunting companion Ė the one that will get passed down from one generation to another.