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Learn More About Crankbaits


Learn About Crankbaits

What is crankbait?

  1. Crankbait is a type of hard bait designed for a variety of fish and water environments. Turn to crankbaits for a natural shape, action and look that your game fish can’t resist.
  2. It's simple to use and easily mimics baitfish—and that’s why many anglers prefer it. Make a catch worth bragging about with a lure built for your game fish, including bait for bass, trout, salmon-steelhead and crappie-panfish.
  3. Sometimes referred to as plugs, these hard-bodied lures come in a variety of designs. Look for models that feature bright eyes, tempting color detailing and realistic patterns, perfect for fooling unsuspecting fish in the water.

Lipless crankbaits are designed without a bill on the front of the lure and perform well in shallow depths and around vegetation. For deeper waters, try a lipped option. Choose a design crafted from high-quality materials, including balsa wood, for performance you can rely on. Shop bait from trusted brands.

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Expert Advice

There are two main reasons to use crankbaits:

  1. They work extremely well, and have a reputation for catching bigger fish.
  2. They're easy to use. Don't fumble around with live bait. Save money and time with reusable plugs.

There's a rhythm to casting and cranking that makes fishing with these baits appealing to many anglers. The repetition and continuous motion keeps you engaged in the sport, unlike bait-casting and trolling, which mostly include sitting and waiting for a fish to bite. Fill up your tackle box with these relatively inexpensive lures and have plenty of options in your fishing arsenal. Fishing can be frustrating. Having new lures to try can never hurt.

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