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Learn More About Crankbaits


Learn More About Crankbait Lures

What is crankbait?

Crankbait is a type of hard bait designed for a variety of fish and water environments. Turn to crankbaits for a natural shape, action and look that your game fish can’t resist.

Crankbait is simple to use and easily mimics baitfish—and that’s why many anglers prefer it. Make a catch worth bragging about with a lure built for your game fish, including crankbait for bass, trout, salmon-steelhead and crappie-panfish.

Sometimes referred to as plugs, these hard-bodied lures come in a variety of designs. Look for models that feature bright eyes, tempting color detailing and realistic patterns, perfect for fooling unsuspecting fish in the water.

Lipless crankbaits are designed without a bill on the front of the lure and perform well in shallow depths and around vegetation. For deeper waters, try a lipped crankbait. Choose a crankbait crafted from high-quality materials, including balsa wood, for performance you can rely on. Shop bait from trusted brands, including Rapala®, Strike King® and many more.

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