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TomTom GPS Watches

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Navigate Your Run With TomTom® GPS Watches

Amplify your workout with TomTom®.

GPS leader TomTom® delivers the data you need to make the most of any training regimen. The brandís innovative GPS® watches help you navigate, find new routes, track distance and keep pace.

When it comes to your workout, you need a watch thatís compact and simple. TomTom® watches feature an ultra-slim fit that feels light on all wrists. Easy one-button controls and a high-resolution display ensure easy viewing during activity.

Best of all, TomTom® GPS watches are built to withstand your workout. Each TomTom® is scratch-resistant, and some models are shock-resistant and waterproof. TomTomís® QuickGPSFix technology helps pinpoint your exact location. Sync your TomTom® watch to your GPS to keep tab on your progress.

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