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Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls

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Callaway® Speed Regime Golf Balls for Your Swing Speed

Find the Speed Regime created for your swing speed. Each regime has a golf ball specifically designed to optimize aerodynamics within the particular speed range.

SR1 golf balls are ideal for players with swing speeds less than 90 miles per hour. The four-piece balls have a multilayer, urethane cover construction with a dual core. A low-speed lift increases hang time and distance for slower swinging players.

Expert Advice

If you have a swing speed between 90 and 105 miles per hour, Callaway®'s SR2 golf balls are for you. The five-piece balls have a multilayer, urethane cover with a dual core and dual mantle. Experience less drag and more initial velocity off the tee.

Consider the SR3 if you are a skilled player with a swing speed higher than 105 miles per hour. The five-piece balls with a multilayer, urethane cover construction, dual core and dual mantle have a lower, more-boring trajectory than the SR1 or SR2 golf balls to avoid creating too much spin.

All three Speed Regime golf balls combine a soft cover and soft outer core to offer outstanding control and high spin on the green. Pick up a box to improve your game or shop all top-rated Callaway Golf Balls.