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Adjustable (70)
Fixed (31)

Backboard Size

32" (2)
44" (9)
48" (6)
50" (9)
52" (9)
54" (27)
60" (22)
72" (17)


Acrylic (49)
Composite (1)
Glass (37)

Breakaway Rim

Yes (71)
No (30)



& Up (23)
& Up (36)
& Up (39)
& Up (39)

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Your Game, Your Home: Shop Basketball Hoop Systems

Bring your hoops game home with your very own basketball system and hoop. Select from portable, in-ground and combination systems with a variety of backboards, rims, nets and adjustable settings.

Go for the convenience of a stand-alone portable net or the stability of an in-ground pole system. Mount your hoop and backboard on your home or garage and practice your free-throws from your driveway. Check out materials including polycarbonate, acrylic and innovative composites.

Get a basketball system you can rely on from brands like Lifetime® and Goalsetter®.

Expert Advice

Always consider your space and the level of installation required for your new basketball hoop system. There are three basic types of basketball systems available:

  • In-ground hoop systems are positioned and cemented into the ground. These permanent structures are extremely stable but often require professional installation. You can choose to dig and insert a ground sleeve into the hole for some portability.
  • Portable hoop systems are stand-alone units that incorporate a base, pole, backboard and rim. They are easily adjustable and often have wheels for portability. They require no installation but often lack stability; they are not as sturdy as an in-ground system.
  • Combination systems are mounted to a structure, often a home or garage, and include the backboard, rim, net and a mounting kit. These systems are very permanent and cannot be easily moved once installed, but they offer excellent stability.

There are three essential factors to think about when selecting your new basketball hoop system:

Adjustability: If basketball players of different sizes and skill levels will be using your hoop, think about a system that is adjustable. In-ground and portable hoop systems often come with adjustability settings ranging between 7.5 to 10 feet. Many modern systems can be adjusted by hand.

Portability: Portable systems are not as stable and sturdy as combination and in-ground systems. But they can be easily moved to accommodate your game. Consult product information for specifics on moving your basketball hoop system.

Components: Your basketball hoop will come with a net, backboard and rims. Backboards come in a variety of materials, including fiberglass, acrylic and composite materials. Fiberglass and graphite boards play like real indoor basketball hoops, but are more prone to breakage. Acrylic is more durable, but very rigid during play. Basketball rims are generally 18-inches in diameter. Many are built with welded steel for stability.

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