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Boccieri Putters & Counterbalance Golf Grips

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Improve Your Game With The Secret Grip

Enhance every aspect of your swing by adding Boccieri Golf® Secret Grips to your clubs. The Secret Grip adds weight to the grip end of the club to raise its center of gravity, reducing the club's "swing weight." Put the Secret Grip on your driver, irons and more and experience added power, greater accuracy and overall improved swing mechanics.

The increased weight of the Secret Grip Putter Grip engages your larger upper-body (pec/deltoid/bicep) muscles to provide more stability and control. The higher balance point eliminates wrist break, allowing for a smooth pendulum stoke with better distance control.

DICK'S Sporting Goods offers Boccieri Secret Grips in standard, midsize and jumbo sizes. Shop all golf grips and get the perfect fit to take your game to the next level.