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Slackline & Zip Line Kits

Learn More About Slackline & Zip-Line Kits


In On the Action: Gibbon® Slackline & Slacklining Gear

From your backyard to a backcountry adventure, slacklining is a fun, adventurous sport for athletes of all skill levels.

Slackline is a nylon or polyester line that resembles a tightrope. The line is affixed between two anchor points, and an individual tries to walk across the rope while maintaining their balance. Users can adjust the slackline’s tension to perform a variety of tricks and stunts.

A slackline is flat, flexible and webbed for a bouncy, trampoline-like effect. Beginners usually start by walking, jumping a mount or doing difficult stands. Spin-off activities, including yoga slacklining are growing in popularity.

Slacklining can improve core strength and balance. Look for a simple, two-part kit from Gibbon® that allows for easy set-up and take-down. Many Gibbon® slackline sets come with a ratchet and safety lock included. Always consult product information for specifics on your slackline. Many are recommended for a low-mounting height.

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