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Lacrosse Package Sets

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Ready For Game Day: Complete Lacrosse Kits

Lacrosse kits have all the essentials players need to take their season by storm.

Lacrosse kits from DICK'S Sporting Goods include complete lacrosse sticks, bags, protective gear and so much more. These packages offer the basic equipment for men and women lacrosse players, so they can get started honing skills and learning the game.

Men's and boys' lacrosse kits can include helmets, lacrosse, gloves, knee protection and shoulder pads. Women's and girls' lacrosse packages typically include a stick, gloves and eye protection. Some kits also come with bags, balls and other items.

No matter the intended age, gender or skill level, lacrosse kits always include a complete lacrosse stick-a shaft with a pre-strung head. These sticks are versatile and designed for easy use. As your young player develops their skills, they may choose to customize their lacrosse stick with a different head, shaft or string.

Lacrosse kits are available from brands like Under Armour®, STX® and Warrior®. For more, check out the entire collection of lacrosse equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.