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Men's Athletic & Outdoor Pants

Learn More About Men's Athletic Pants


Ready For Your Training: Menís Workout Pants & Athletic Pants

When it comes to your workout, details matter.

So head to the gym with menís workout pants designed for performance. Browse the latest styles, technical fabrics and features for the fit that maximizes your training. Check out the latest menís pants from DICKíS Sporting Goods:

  • Menís sweatpants are the ultimate in versatility. Run errands or laps in lightweight sweats for men, available in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Menís warm-up pants are designed for your pre-game ritual. Throw these pants on over your uniform to keep warm as you prep for the game.
  • Menís running pants are optimized for logging miles. These pants keep you going the distance with smooth, airy fabrics and a streamlined fit.
  • Menís golf pants are crafted for easy movement on the links. Light, stretchable fabrics never get in the way of your form. Polished, pulled-together style keeps you looking goodófrom course to clubhouse.

Find menís workout clothes from popular brands, like Nike®, Under Armour® and Reebok®.

Expert Advice

Your athletic pants should never stand in the way of your performance.

During an early morning training session, you need a relaxed yet secure fitóand excellent comfort. Look for an elastic waistband that delivers a custom-like fit. Three and four-way stretch fabrication ensures you can stretch, flex and sprint freely.

Light mesh fabrics provide strategic breathability as you move. If your workout brings you outdoors, go for the lightweight warmth of fleece warm-up pants. Take on the elements with quick-drying fabrics or rain pants, designed specifically to repel chill and moisture. Menís outdoor pants are constructed with abrasion-resistant fabrications for extra durability in the field.

Working out doesnít mean sacrificing style. The latest menís workout pants are designed in sleek colors and technical detailingóso the competition knows youíve come to play.

Technology makes the difference in your workout. Choose menís workout pants designed with the latest fitness technologiesóso you can stay focused on reaching your goals.

Menís compression pants support your body as you train. A snug, graduated fit conforms to your body to help increase blood circulationóand speed up recovery time. Wear your menís compression pants alone or as a baselayer.

Moisture-wicking technology is a must for your fitness apparel. Microfibers lift perspiration from your skin and draw it to the surface of your garment, where it evaporates. This innovative moisture-transport method keeps you dry and comfortable during your most grueling workouts.

Keep fresh as you train with garments treated to be antimicrobial. Antimicrobial technology works to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteriaóso foul-smelling workout clothes never get you down.

Top Brands