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Fastpitch Bats

Fastpitch Bat Types

With the high pitching speeds, it is important to hit with specialized equipment needed to help you perform to your potential. Although finding the best bat will require some experimentation, there are two basic types from which to choose:

Aluminum Fastpitch Bats – A player favorite for years, aluminum fastpitch bats are crafted from aluminum or aluminum alloys and feature either a single or double walled construction. Most hitters find that balls fly off a single-walled bat faster, but double-walled bats have a larger sweet spot. Of the many different brands of aluminum bats, Easton softball bats are just one example. Included in the many benefits of aluminum fastpitch bats are:

• Durability – Aluminum fastpitch bats are exceptionally durable, which makes them a good option for players that can be rough on their equipment.

• Better Swing Weight – Aluminum bats have an even weight distribution, which makes them feel better balanced in the hands of batters.

Composite Fastpitch Bats – Composite fastpitch bats can be made from a variety of materials including graphite and carbon fiber, or even using aluminum cores inside of a graphite lining. Manufactured using the most recent technological advances, composite bats are often constructed using layers of material. Some strengths of composite fastpitch bats include:

• Greater Trampoline Effect – Composite materials enable softball bats to flex when struck by the ball, which allows the ball to travel farther.

• Lower Vibration– Composite bats feature a lower bending stiffness, which creates a dampening effect and little to no sting. Easton softball bats exhibit this tendency.

Fastpitch Bats Buying Considerations

The best fastpitch bats can vary for every player. Normally the best bat for you should be the one that generates the most bat speed and offer the greatest pop off of the bat. While this is normally the heaviest bat that you can comfortably control, some experimentation will be needed. Moreover, there are a number of other factors that you should consider:

Bat Dimensions – Most bats have a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter, a drop (length to width ratio) between -8 to -12 and range in length from 26 inches to 34 inches, however when shopping for fastpitch bats, you’ll need something matched to your size. While consulting a detailed guide is preferred, you can get a good idea of the proper bat length based on age:
• 5 – 10 Years Old: 24 inches – 29 inches
• 10 – 16 Years Old: 28 inches – 33 inches
• 17 + Years Old: 34 inches

BBCOR Rated- BBCOR is the newest standard for measuring bat performance by the NCAA and NFHS. Intended to eliminate advantages based on bat construction, the BBCOR standard should be met by any bat you consider. If you play organized softball, make sure that the fastpitch softball bats you consider meet this standard.

Expert Advice

When searching through many of the fastpitch softball bats available, several tips that you may find helpful include:

• Cushioned Grips on Aluminum Fastpitch Bats
• Lighter Bats Provide Greater Control
• Focus on How the Bat Feels When Swung