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Baseball Hitting Aids

Learn More About Baseball Hitting Aids


Improve Your Game: Shop Baseball Hitting Aids

It’s time to prep for baseball season. Hone your skills with baseball training aids and hitting trainers from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Master your technique with a portable hitting station, basic rebounding net or your own pitching machine. Stock up on whiffle balls, bat weights and basic batting tees that help you perfect your form at the plate.

Shop the entire collection of baseball hitting trainers from trusted brands, including SKLZ®, Jugs®, PRIMED® and Heater Sports®. Stock up for your season with morebaseball and softball gear.

Expert Advice

You’ve got to be ready when you step up to the plate. And with the right training tools, there’s nothing holding you back.

Make practice more efficient with a baseball rebounding net. This tool improves hitting, pitching and throwing skills with a net that returns the ball for easy retrieval. Larger practice screens help simulate a game-day feel.

Pitching machines let you focus in on hitting practice. These machines can pitch balls at up to 30 miles-per-hour at distances of up to 25 feet. Set the pitching intervals for solid repetition training. Use pitching machines to safely build visual acuity, accuracy and reliability behind the plate.

Batting tees help youngsters develop proper technique. Heavier hitters might step on deck with a bat weight, which increases swing speed and strength.

Your pitching screen or rebounding net should be built from high-grade materials for lasting performance. Stainless steel or fiberglass frames prove durable, season after season. Always consult product information to learn about the set-up of your net—many are designed to be assembled in only a few minutes.

Batting practice often involves multiple players who each work on developing skills during the drill. When someone is live on the field , other players are at the plate, practicing hitting. A rebounding net or pitching machine allows for more personalized and customized training—improve your game on your own and in the off-season.

Perfect the mechanics of your swing with a speed hitter training bat. These devices improve your contact point and help you make corrections to your swing. Repetitive use helps batters increase speed by activating fast-twitch muscle fibers in the arms.

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