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Ready For Your Hunt: Learn About Crossbows & Crossbow Equipment

Take aim with new crossbows and crossbow equipment from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

The latest crossbows are crafted for powerful accuracy and effectiveness on your prey. These short-range hunting tools provide hunters with precise shots at close range. Leave nothing to chance with high-end bows, designed with a lightweight feel, compact design and cutting-edge safety mechanisms.

Crossbows are mechanical bows mounted to a stock and trigger. When the archer pulls the trigger, a projectile, called a bolt, shoots from the stock. They have a greater firing range than a traditional recurve bow, but they require more loading time. Use them for hunting or target shooting.

Prep for your hunt with quality crossbow cases or bolts. Spot your target with scopes that give you the advantage in the field.

Experience your next kill with the help of top hunting brands, including Barnett®, TenPoint®, and many more.

Expert Advice

Learn more about crossbows and crossbow equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods:

  • Crossbows are generally ranked by draw weight, which can span from 80 to more than 200 pounds. The larger your game, the more draw weight is recommended.
  • Most modern crossbows are constructed of fiberglass or composite limbs.
  • Generally, the heavier the crossbow, the easier it is to shoot accurately.
  • Some crossbows are specially designed for youth and novice hunters.

Crossbow bolts made of carbon fiber or aluminum shoot extremely fast with excellent consistency. Keep in mind: aluminum bolts are softer and more flexible for target practice. Serious hunters may prefer carbon bolts, which have a flatter trajectory and more solid composition. Crossbow bolts come in “blunt-end,” or flat, and half-moon shapes for safely unloading and discharging crossbows.

Crossbow scopes typically outfit crossbows and it’s no wonder—they help provide a more accurate shot, even at short distances.

Shooting targets come in a variety of forms to suit your needs, including 3-D animal targets, foam targets and bag targets. Always consult product information before making your selection.

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