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Treestand Safety

Learn More About Treestand Safety Harnesses & Equipment


Treestand Safety Harnesses For Your Hunt

Strap yourself into a treestand safety harness and free your mind to focus on making your shot. As with any sport, safety comes first. Many hunters prefer the advantages of hunting from high ground. Because of this, falling from a treestand remains a leading cause of hunting-related injuries. Fortunately, most falls are preventable by using the right treestand safety equipment. DICK'S Sporting Goods carries treestand safety harnesses and equipment designed for use by both bow and rifle hunters.

Don't worry about reaching at an odd angle for a shot or supplies, falling asleep or losing your grip or footing due to the harsh elements of winter hunting. With a treestand safety harness, you'll be confident in your safety. DICK'S Sporting Goods carries treestand safety equipment from all industry leading brands. Strap in and focus all your energy on bringing home that buck.

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