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How to Choose Your Lacrosse Stick

Lacrosse sticks vary based on position, therefore before the selection process can begin, you must establish which position you’ll be playing. Positions include attack, midfield, defense and goalie and the sticks for each position possess different characteristics that will help your performance. In addition, there are differences between both men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks which are primarily the length of the stick as well as pocket depth and construction.

Lacrosse Stick Types – Created specifically for each position, Lacrosse sticks can vary widely and include:

• Attack – A shorter stick intended for Attack and Midfield players, the Attack stick measures between 40” – 42” long. Shorter and more agile than the others, these lacrosse sticks are more useful in making shots on goal.

• Defense – A longer stick designed to disrupt attacking opponents, the defense stick can measure from 50” to 72”. Perfect for blocking shots and throwing harder checks, men’s defense sticks tend to be more rigid and durable than the shorter attack sticks. If you’re playing on a women’s lacrosse team, you don’t have to worry about defense sticks because women’s teams do not use them.

• Goalie – Goalie stick length is normally in between that of Attack and Defense Lacrosse sticks. Measuring from 40” to 70” in length, these sticks have a much wider head in order to better defend the goal.

Lacrosse Stick Components – Consistent across all types, lacrosse sticks basically have three different components comprised of:

• Shaft – Often referred to as “handles,” today’s lacrosse stick shafts are available in a variety materials, shapes, grips and lengths. Today, most shafts are made of aluminum, titanium, metal alloys, or other materials and are normally selected based on personal preference. Shaft shape refers to the profile of the shaft if it were cut crossways.

• Head – The head is the top of the stick that receives the ball. Dictated by the sport’s governing bodies like the NFHS (High School) and NCAA (University), the dimensions of the head of a lacrosse stick can have a dramatic impact on performance. Lastly, Lacrosse sticks with Universal Heads meet the legal requirements from both governing bodies.

• Pocket– The woven pocket is another significant component of Lacrosse sticks. Available as both a traditional and mesh configuration, the pocket can have a dramatic affect on the release and the flight of the ball. Mesh pockets are the most commonly used, however traditionalists appreciate the flexibility to make adjustments to the pocket.

Lacrosse Sticks – Popular Brands

• STX Lacrosse Sticks: STX is among the leading Lacrosse equipment manufacturers and produces a wide range of popular of Lacrosse sticks and equipment. Among the most advance pieces of equipment available STX Lacrosse sticks feature a range of technologies that allow lacrosse players to excel on the field. With shafts like the Stallion and Surgeon models, players can match their preferences and skill levels to shaft characteristics that can best improve their game.

• Warrior Lacrosse Sticks: Lacrosse sticks from Warrior are exceptionally durable and well built, while still giving players a sensitive touch. Sticks from Warrior offer superior handling and cradle the ball well. No matter if you’re looking for a complete stick or components, Warrior is a great brand and an excellent choice.

• Brine Lacrosse Sticks: Continually evolving in functionality and design, Brine Lacrosse sticks continue to provide some of the best designs in the industry. With options for both the beginning and advanced player.