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Lacrosse Protective Equipment

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Learn More About Lacrosse Protective Gear

Itís the fastest game on two feetóget ready for lacrosse season with the right lax protective gear.

Thereís no question: Lacrosse is a contact sport. Proper safety equipment is required to ensure player safety. Keep in mind this list of lacrosse protective equipment when youíre prepping for the season.

Beginnerís Checklist for Boys

  • Gloves
  • Lacrosse Helmet
  • Should Pads
  • Arm Protection
  • Protective Cups
  • Mouthguard

Itís imperative that your lacrosse equipment fits and functions properly during play. Shop top lacrosse brands, including Bodyguard Pro®, Battle Sports Science®, STX® and Shock Doctor®.

Buying Tips

Several pieces of protective equipment are key to your lacrosse game. Always suit up with the essentials before taking the field. Remember to consult league requirements when prepping for the season:

Helmet: The protective makeup of a lacrosse player starts with the helmet. The goal of a lacrosse helmet is to provide safety, security and a comfortable fit. Helmets are made of a hard plastic to protect the head with a mask to protect the front of the face. They come in a variety of styles with customizable options and colors.

Gloves: Lacrosse gloves have heavy padding on the tops of the fingers, the backhand, and around the wrist to protect against checks. Synthetic and/or mesh materials allow for good grip and let your hands breath during a game. A good fitting glove should protect you without compromising your stick handling ability. Women's gloves are designed to offer protection and mobility. The typically offer padding on the back of the hand and thumb but are thin enough to stay flexible. They also add grip to prevent dropping the stick in cold or wet conditions.

Should Pads & Liners: Shoulder pads slide over the head and rest on shoulders to protect the shoulders, chest and back. They come with adjustable straps that loop or strap underneath a player's armpits onto the chest. Many have hard plastic shells on the high impact areas for maximum protection. Any shoulder pads should fit tightly to the body without restricting mobility.

Mouthguards: Most mouthguards attach to the face mask of the helmet via a plastic strap. Women lacrosse players are required to wear strapless mouthguards. Mouthguards come molded to the mouth.

Womenís Goggles: Womenís lacrosse goggles should fit comfortably and not hinder vision. Vented, silicone padding provides comfort and a secure fit during play. Eye protection is available in youth and adult sizes.

Expert Advice

Body pads provide extra protection from shots on goal. Ventilation is critical in lacrosse body padding. Look for pads with built in ventilation and moisture-wicking properties to combat perspiration. Pelvic protectors and goalie pants are also available. Look for body padding treated to be anti-microbial. In addition, arm and elbow pads provide extra coverage.

Keep in mind these factorís when purchasing your new lacrosse helmet:

  • The helmet should be examined for damage before each use.
  • The helmet should be examined for damage before each use.
  • Be sure there is a four-point chin-strap attached to the helmet. The chin-strap should be tightened so that there is no slack. The chinstrap should be adjusted to fit snug.
  • Proper helmet fit should never cause headaches.