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Knife Sharpeners & Sharpening Tools

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Top-Quality Knife Sharpeners and Blade Replacements

Enhance the cutting power of your knives with any of these professional-grade knife sharpeners from DICK’S Sporting Goods. These quality tools will effectively sharpen knives of all shapes and sizes with unparalleled precision and speed. Several models are equipped with angle guides which enable sharpening with ease, while removing the guess work out of the process. Electric tools featuring flexible abrasive belts are ideal to work with all knives, whether they're straight, serrated or have gut hooks.

Don't forget these can also sharpen tools such as scissors, hatchets or axes. Handheld or retractable manual tools equipped with stones and diamond hones are easily portable and simplify sharpening anytime, anywhere. The rugged and durable replacement blades for pack-saws are forged for superior strength when cutting through wood or metal. Rely on continued outdoor use. Discover high performing knife sharpening options from today's leading brands that will suit your needs for the kitchen or outdoors.

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Precise Sharpening Tailored to Your Needs

Have your knives ready for action whether you’re a chef in the kitchen or an avid outdoorsman, because having a dull blade is not an option. Discover a wide range of sharpening tools to fit your needs, including:

  1. Manual stones
  2. Retractable rods
  3. Portable kits
  4. Replacement blades
  5. Electric models

Take a convenient pocket knife sharpener or handheld diamond rod that are compact, easy to carry and can hook to a back pack or belt for a camping trip or on the fishing boat. Opt for a pull-through design with angle guides to freshen blades for quick food prep as well as steak knives. Any of these options make outstanding gifts for a cook, hunter, landscaper and others. Never lose your edge and stay prepared with razor sharp blades for your next gourmet meal or outdoor adventure. Have the sharpest blades on the chopping block.

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