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Monofilament Fishing Line

Learn More About Monofilament Line


Reel In The Big Fish With Monofilament Line

Keep the catch of the day from being the one that got away with monofilament fishing line from DICK’S. Monofilament line is the perfect mix of strength and versatility: it's nearly invisible to fish, has superior knot strength when compared to braided line, and is easy to use. Modern monofilament fishing line was developed to be abrasion resistant and stretch without snapping. Highly visible yellow or green line will help you see exactly where your lure is set, while clear line will give you the ultimate advantage over your catch.

There's almost nothing worse than having a line snap while you're reeling in a monster catch, especially when you've waited all day for just one good strike. With the right monofilament line from DICK’S, you won't have to worry about coming ashore with nothing but a fish tale.

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Expert Advice

Monofilament fishing line is available in different thicknesses and colors. The line's thickness (diameter) determines the weight it can hold before stretching and eventually breaking. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a line thickness:

  • Anglers can set a hook quicker, and have less fear of a line breaking with a thicker line, though thick lines are not without their drawbacks.
  • Thinner line is lighter and moves easier through both the water and air. This means a thin line will give the angler extra distance when casting, sink the lure faster and get better depth on crank-bait lures while they're being reeled in.
  • Generally, these advantages mean relatively little to a bait-caster, so they would probably prefer the safety of a thicker line.

Colored line is helpful when bait-casting or trolling with multiple poles, or when attempting to keep a crank lure away from obstacles, like rocks or a jetty. Most fish probably aren't scared off by green or yellow line, since it's assumed they see it as seaweed or grass, if at all. That being said, like many decisions an angler makes, choosing a monofilament line color often comes down to gut feeling based on experience.

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