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Backpacks & Duffles

Learn More About Sports Backpacks & Gym Backpacks


Storage On tThe Go: Shop Backpacks, Duffles & Daypacks

Your backpack helps you prep for the day ahead—so find the style that’s right for you.

The right backpack blends utility-ready features with a comfortable, functional design. Bring along your laptop or tablet in a school backpack. Large duffle bag sport backpacks are a great option for organizing your lacrosse and hockey gear. Stash away small essentials in a stylish tote or messenger bag. Take on the trail with hiking backpacks and backpacking packs, designed for rugged performance in backcountry. And travelers love the convenience of a wheeled travel backpack.

Discover your next backpack from popular brands, including High Sierra®, The North Face®, Nike® and Jansport®.

Expert Advice


  • Intended for use by hikers and campers on shorter trails and trips
  • Generally soft-backed or frameless
  • Lightweight and intended for lighter loads over shorter distances
  • Waist belts prevent loads from continually tapping against your back and focus weight on the hips

Sport backpacks:

  • Designed for specific sports
  • Feature compartments for equipment, footwear and water bottle

School backpacks:

  • Designed to carry multiple books, papers, travel accessories and more
  • Generally soft backed or frameless
  • Internal pockets can fit all your gear, many are laptop/ tablet compatible

Internal Frame Packs:

  • Internal frame built into the pack behind the shoulder harness gives you a narrow profile, permitting more freedom and movement
  • Frames have flat bars or "stays" that can be removed and bent to fit the user
  • More flexibility than external packs, they move with your body
  • Hugs the body to hold equipment on the hips, giving you better balance and stability
  • Compression straps keep loads from shifting inside the pack
  • Adjustable suspension system designed for optimal fit

External Frame Packs

  • External frame supports heavy loads from attached pack and harness
  • Evenly distributes weight between hips and upper back
  • External frame packs have a high center of gravity, which has two advantages: It gives excellent weight transfer to the hips and it allows you to walk with a more upright posture
  • Cooler to carry in hot temperatures because the pack does not rest against your back, allowing air to circulate. Great for long hikes on hot days

Hydration Packs:

  • Designed to provide water while you're on the move
  • Users drink water via a tube equipped with a non-leaking valve

The straps of your backpacks should be stiff enough to support the weight of your backpack without sagging. Contoured, S-curve straps provide a comfortable, ergonomic fit. Foam in the shoulder and hip belts provides added cushion, while mesh-lined straps keep the bag breathable on your shoulders. Compression-molded straps deliver the best support available.

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