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Snorkel Gear, Masks & Fins for Your Vacation

Find the ideal snorkel gear to make the most of your time in the water.

Snorkels should fit comfortably and ergonomically. A center-mount design helps divers maintain proper body position while swimming, while one-way purge valves allow easy breathing. Look for a snorkel designed for a smooth, continuous shape rather than cumbersome twists and turns for undisturbed air flow.

Snorkel swim fins increase speed, endurance and even joint flexibility. If you're looking for an endurance workout, choose longer fins to build ankle strength. Traditional fins are better suited for recreational use. Always ensure your fins are crafted to withstand sun, sand and saltwater, which erodes some materials.

Turn to top brands for snorkeling sets like Cressi®, Aqua Lung Sport®, Speedo® and many more.

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